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Wreck Rescue - 5 Vehicles, 12 Months

The Wreck Rescue DVD is available now
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It's been over two years, but he's back.

In a brand new observational documentary for Discovery Real Time, Mark Evans puts his own workshop projects on hold and sets off on a mission to help inspire and motivate other classic vehicle enthusiasts to achieve their restoration dreams.

Restoring a rust heap is a much bigger challenge than most people anticipate. That's one of the reasons so few amateur restorers succeed and why so many potentially brilliant projects remain on axle stands and under tarpaulins to rust in peace.

It doesn't have to be that way. Filmed over 12 months mainly in the UK, but also in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Holland and France, Wreck Rescue features the highs and lows of five very different workshop projects including a very early Frog Eye Sprite, a 1959 Elva 100 single-seater race car and a post-war, 4x4 RAF truck.

Wreck Rescue - The DVD - Available NOW!

The Wreck Rescue DVD is now available! The 2 disc set has the full TV broadcast of the five vehicles; 1959 Mk1 Frog Eye Sprite, 1972 Mk1 Ford Capri, 1959 Elva 100, AEC Matador RAF Truck and 1980's Toyota Land Cruiser, plus over 40 minutes of previously unseen footage - the perfect Christmas gift for the restoration enthusiast.

Find out more about the Wreck Rescue DVD

John & Mike Hill, restoring a 1972 Ford Capri
Real people
Real projects
Real deadlines
Real drama
Peter & Steve Read with their post-war AEC Matador RAF truck